Presenter: BFM Business/Morning Run, Malaysia

Friday, April 28, 2017


Do you have a passion for business and management issues, and at least ten years experience in finance or financial journalism?

We are looking for a presenter to anchor and produce our news and business programmes for the Morning Run.


  1. You would not only interview, but prepare research and dive deep into the business and market news of the day.
  2. We start early: our day starts at 5 am with an editorial meeting in the studio. You are off the air at 10am and how you structure your research and interview times is extremely flexible.


  1. Our listeners, business managers and professionals, must find you credible and authoritative regarding Malaysian business and markets. This means you need to know your CAGRs, EBITDAs and NTAs - familiarity with standard business language and reporting is a must.
  2. You should exude the values of BFM: professionalism, integrity and intellectual honesty.
  3. You must be a team player, willing to take on any and all tasks that need doing to produce a quality programme.
  4. A degree in business, finance, accounting or related disciplines is beneficial.

Please make the case in a cover letter why you would make an outstanding business presenter, and how you would help us ‘Build First-World Mindsets’ as a valued team member.

Interested and qualified candidates can send their CV to with the words 'Trainee Producer, Morning Run' in the Subject line.



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Country Malaysia
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