With a coordinated spectrum plan for radio, ASEAN countries can secure radio’s digital future

Monday 11 December, 2017



Article by Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, with a call to action for ASEAN countries to work on a coordinated spectrum plan for radio and the benefits they can realise by doing so.

DRM participates in workshop at ASEAN Digital Radio Broadcasting Conference

Monday 20 November, 2017


A workshop on ASEAN Digital Radio Broadcasting was held last week on day one of the two-day conference in Brunei Darussalam, hosted by Radio Television Brunei(RTB).

The shift in English - connecting with ASEAN speakers

Friday 05 December, 2014

How would you write a commercial targeting Asian consumers of rice?


The first thought might be based on what is called the availability heuristic which leans on recent discussions with friends or what you might have consumed through the media.

You may consider doing some research by asking a few potential clients but time is short when writing radio copy and advertisers negotiating spot prices might struggle with a research budget.

Thai taxi drivers learn English via radio

Friday 08 August, 2014

A Thai radio station is launching a special show to help taxi drivers learn English, reports The Bangkok Post.

FM91 - the city's traffic and safety station -  will teach drivers the use of simple sentences on travel routes, tourist spots and fares to communicate with foreign tourists.

The three-time daily segment will be trialled for three months.

Bangkok has often been criticised by foreign tourists because cabbies often lack the most basic English skills, compared to other international Asian cities.

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