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Cambodian Prime Minister opens #AsiaMediaSummit2019

Wednesday 12 June, 2019


Opening the 2019 Asia Media Summit in Siem Reap, the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen talked about the changes being faced by traditional media as it evolves to the digital and social media era, which he described as the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Creative success stories from #AsiaMediaSummit2019

Tuesday 11 June, 2019


In a workshop session on creative content at the Asia Media Summit in Cambodia today, a range of broadcasters gave snapshots of how media is changing in their countries.

Media business models for this new era: Asia Media Summit

Saturday 12 May, 2018

Changing media business models was the topic of a session on Day 2 of the Asia Media Summit in Delhi.

A panel of speakers looked at how business models are changing and how broadcasters can respond.


“The largest taxi company Uber, doesn’t have a fleet, the largest accommodation company AirBnB, doesn’t own any hotels. The largest news media company Facebook, doesn’t produce any content,” said David Hua from ABC Australia (pictured above).

Are there Asian Values asks Asia Media Summit?

Friday 11 May, 2018


In an Asia Media Summit session examining if there is a set of common Asian Values, host Steve Ahern told a story about a refugee who recently arrived in Australia and saw that a schoolboy had missed his bus, so he gave him a lift to school.

India 'the most exciting media market' in the world: Asia Media Summit

Thursday 10 May, 2018


In two keynote speeches at this week’s Asia Media Summit in India, the media industry and the government were in agreement on the need to keep pace with the fast changing media landscape, but had some different opinions on how to do that.

Asia Media Summit discusses 'a dangerous time in media'

Thursday 10 May, 2018
The 15th annual Asia Media Summit has opened in New Delhi.

The ancient city of Delhi has a history of over 2000 years and is full of stories, making it the perfect setting for the 2018 conference, with its theme of storytelling. Many speakers mentioned this theme in their opening remarks.

The conference has 228 foreign delegates from 39 countries attending.


Director of the New Delhi UNESCO office Shigeru Aoyagi said: 

Community Radio is an important way to help marginalised people: Asia Media Summit

Wednesday 09 May, 2018

"The Indian government must give up its tight control of community licences and simplify the process before community radio can really thrive in India," said Archana Kapoor, a community broadcaster from Radio Mewat Delhi.

Speaking in the Radio Stream of the Asia Media Summit, Kapoor urged the Indian Government to speed up the process of applying for licences and to simplify it, so that more communities can be empowered by hearing their own voices on the radio.

Asia Media Summit in Delhi focuses on Radio

Wednesday 09 May, 2018

At this week's Asia Media Summit in Delhi, a full day was spent on radio.

The pre-summit radio stream is organised by RadioDays Europe, and was hosted by RDE Organiser Anders Held.

The morning session focused on training workshops on social media and radio talkback.

 "Human connection is everything," said Martin Liss (right), discussing the way radio should connect with its audience.

"Radio is the oldest and strongest social medium, but the new social media platforms are competing with us...

What is truth asks Asia Media Summit

Saturday 10 June, 2017


These days truth in reporting is a big issue.

Radio’s influence in Samoa strong, but big changes on the horizon

Friday 09 June, 2017


Samoa’s Communications Minister Afamasaga Lepuiai Rico Tupai credits his Prime Minister's weekly radio show for improving communications with the people of the Pacific island nation.


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