Alexa increased our online listening by 7 times… but she is a trojan horse #RadioAsia

Sunday 15 July, 2018
Austrian CHR station KroneHit gained a seven fold increase in online listening when Alexa was introduced to the Austrian market, according to Programmer Rudiger Landgraf.

He tells Steve Ahern what he has learnt about smart speakers.

Pitching ideas, managing chaos and inspiring talent: Masterclasses at #RDE18

Monday 19 March, 2018

Three specialist masterclasses at RadioDays Europe today delivered hints about people management, technological responsiveness and pitching program ideas.
The hints go beyond their immediate applications and offer good ideas that can be applied in a range of areas.
Trust is a big factor when coaching talent, advised Travis Kemp (pictured below), a psychologist from Australia.

Video increasingly important for radio broadcasters: Chris Dredge

Friday 10 November, 2017
At this year's Community Broadcasting Conference in Australia, exhibitor Pacific Live Media brought along a Tricaster video switcher as well as its usual range of radio equipment.

Why video at a radio conference?

Because vision is becoming increasingly important for radio broadcasters in this multiplatform world, according to Chris Dredge.

Along with the video switcher, Pacific Live Media was also displaying Klotz radio desks and digital radio equipment.

Shine a bright light on false news, provide information people can trust: NHK's Ryoichi Ueda

Monday 25 September, 2017


Japan’s national broadcaster is currently preparing its next strategic plan. As part of the forward looking planning process, NHK is facing “fundamental questions” about the role of a public broadcaster in the modern era of broadcasting.

Next Radio conference - watch the whole thing

Sunday 24 September, 2017

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

We were being slaughtered but we fought back to reestablish credibility: Austrian Public Broadcaster

Friday 15 September, 2017

"There is an important conversation going on in social media and we are not listening," Austria's Patrick Swanson told the Media2020 conference this week.

Don't ignore those who are criticising you on social media, urged Swanson, "you have to counter the haters and propagandist critics on social media to stay relevant in this new media age," said the 27 year old social media journalist.

He told the story of criticism of the national broadcaster's coverage of riots in Austria.

Broadcasters promoting tolerance

Friday 15 September, 2017

“Not all changes in media are about technology, they can also be about geopolitics,” said France Medias Monde’s John Maguire, speaking at a Media2020 conference session on diversity and tolerance.

The refugee migrant situation is a case in point. Given the political sensitivities in Europe about the migrant situation, his organisation decided to “develop a strategy to deliver good education and information to migrants.”

Public broadcasting, more necessary then ever in the age of fake news

Friday 15 September, 2017

Analysis from Steve Ahern

For the past decade or more, public service broadcasters have found it necessary to justify their existence in the face of increasing competition, new technology and attacks from the private sector.
Now, in the age of fake news, the tide appears to be turning back in favour of public broadcasters.

The emergence of new technology since the 1990s disrupted the business models of private commercial media, particularly newspapers, decreasing advertising and commoditising journalism.

In times of uncertainty people turn to Public Service Media: PBI Conference

Tuesday 12 September, 2017


Romania's Minister of Foreign Affairs (pictured) has opened the 2017 Public Broadcasters International conference in Romania.

The only certainty is uncertainty: Media2020 Conference

Monday 11 September, 2017

Opening this year's Media2020 Conference in Sinaia, Romania's Culture Minister Lucian Romascanu said the conference is "more than having a technical discussion."

"This conference is about building bridges between cultures. We bring together our souls and this is the basis for peace."

Romascanu said we "are travelling through delicate times," in today's world. "Whoever is managing media should understand its importance… people will act through the information we give them."


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