Digital Broadcasting Symposium

Exhibitors at the Digital Broadcasting Symposium #ABUdbs2019

Saturday 09 March, 2019


Alongside the Digital Broadcasting Symposium was an exhibition of tech companies supplying the latest equipment to Asian broadcasters.

Digital solutions no longer a choice but a necessity: Malaysian Communications Minister #ABUdbs2019

Tuesday 05 March, 2019

Malaysia’s Minister of Communications and Multimedia, YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo told the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur:

“Digital technologies are transforming the way business are working and how information is shared and exchanged.

“It is no longer a choice, but a necessity, to deliver digital solutions if you want to compete.”

In his first speech at DBS as the new minister, Deo focused on the audience.

Car industry has strongly supported DRM introduction in India #ABUdbs2019

Tuesday 05 March, 2019
Ruxandra Obreja, the Chair of the DRM Consortium, talked about the philosophy of digital radio switchover as part of a series of presentations at DBS2019.

“Don’t focus on the analog switch off date, rather focus on the digital radio launch date,” she advised.

When thinking about switching over from analog to digital radio there are three ways you can do it, according to Obreja:

1. Set a firm date like Norway, or

Many new opportunities for broadcasters: Javad Mottaghi opens #ABUdbs2019

Tuesday 05 March, 2019

Opening the first day of the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur this morning, ABU Director General Javad Mottaghi congratulated ABU members and his team for achieving 15 years of industry leadership with this conference.

“The 15th edition of DBS presents a unique opportunity to network and exchange expertise,” said Mottaghi.

Topics to be covered in the three day symposium will include Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and New Media Platforms.

DAB is part of our digital strategy: ABC Radio at #ABUdbs2019

Monday 04 March, 2019

Cath Dwyer, the Manager of RN, Radio and Radio Australia has told the digital radio workshop at DBS Kuala Lumpur that Australia’s national broadcaster is committed to DAB+ transmission as part of its multiplatform strategy.

“The ABC is a trusted and well listened to public broadcaster in Australia. We host big national conversations such as the ‘War on Waste’ or the upcoming elections in our country.

“We have been broadcasting in the Asia Pacific for 80 years,” she said.

We are now monetising our full DAB spectrum: WorldDAB workshop at #ABUdbs2019

Monday 04 March, 2019
In a session on digital radio business case studies today at the ABU’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium, the CEO of Australia’s biggest commercial broadcasting network Grant Blackley talked about how his company is monetising DAB+.

“Southern Cross Austereo has 84 radio stations and 105 television signals… We are the largest landholder of digital spectrum in Australia.

“Our company elected to buy the full spectrum we were allowed for $4.7 million some years ago…

Linear broadcasting is not enough any more: #DBS2016

Wednesday 02 March, 2016

At a session of today’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium, Charles Sevior (pictured right), Chief Technology Officer of EMC’s Emerging Technology Division told delegates there is “huge diversity in the modern media industry.”

“Audiences are consuming content wherever they find it, as long as it comes to them in a consistent and reliable fashion,” Sevior said.

Great opportunities and also challenges for broadcasters: #DBS2016

Tuesday 01 March, 2016

The connected environment “is providing great opportunities and also challenges” for broadcasters, said Javad Mottaghi, opening the 2016 Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur today.

“The industry is crying out for innovative content ideas to take advantage of the new connected technology,” he said.

Malaysian Communications Minister presented with a Digital Radio at #DBS2016

Tuesday 01 March, 2016

Malaysian Deputy Communications Minister Jailani Johari opened the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia today by talking about how audiences across the Asia Pacific region want better services from broadcasters.


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