Alexa increased our online listening by 7 times… but she is a trojan horse #RadioAsia

Sunday 15 July, 2018
Austrian CHR station KroneHit gained a seven fold increase in online listening when Alexa was introduced to the Austrian market, according to Programmer Rudiger Landgraf.

He tells Steve Ahern what he has learnt about smart speakers.

‘Don’t look at media through a bipolar prism of East versus West’ #RadioAsia

Thursday 12 July, 2018
Speaking in this morning’s session of Media2020, All India Radio Director General Fayyaz Sheheryar encouraged Eastern and Western media to understand each other better, rather than taking adversarial positions on media issues.

“The world looks different and is often bipolar between east and west. History, geography and culture can change how we think and how we look at each other, we must resist this and try to understand each other.

We were being slaughtered but we fought back to reestablish credibility: Austrian Public Broadcaster

Friday 15 September, 2017

"There is an important conversation going on in social media and we are not listening," Austria's Patrick Swanson told the Media2020 conference this week.

Don't ignore those who are criticising you on social media, urged Swanson, "you have to counter the haters and propagandist critics on social media to stay relevant in this new media age," said the 27 year old social media journalist.

He told the story of criticism of the national broadcaster's coverage of riots in Austria.

Broadcasters promoting tolerance

Friday 15 September, 2017

“Not all changes in media are about technology, they can also be about geopolitics,” said France Medias Monde’s John Maguire, speaking at a Media2020 conference session on diversity and tolerance.

The refugee migrant situation is a case in point. Given the political sensitivities in Europe about the migrant situation, his organisation decided to “develop a strategy to deliver good education and information to migrants.”

The only certainty is uncertainty: Media2020 Conference

Monday 11 September, 2017

Opening this year's Media2020 Conference in Sinaia, Romania's Culture Minister Lucian Romascanu said the conference is "more than having a technical discussion."

"This conference is about building bridges between cultures. We bring together our souls and this is the basis for peace."

Romascanu said we "are travelling through delicate times," in today's world. "Whoever is managing media should understand its importance… people will act through the information we give them."

Media2020 and Public Broadcasters International Conferences in Romania

Monday 04 September, 2017


Media2020, a meeting place for radio, TV and other media broadcasters on the 21st Century information highway between Europe and the Asia-Pacific, will be held in conjunction with Public Broadcasting International in association with Radio Romania in Sinaia, near Bucharest, this year.

Asian and European Media cooperation at #Media2020 Conference Beijing

Thursday 28 April, 2016

The European and Asian media markets have some common features but many differences. 

The final session of the Media 2020 Conference held in Beijing brought together media experts from around the globe to talk about how Asian and European media companies can help each other.


Giacomo Ghisani, Acting Director General of Radio Vaticana, began the discussion by outlining 3 key areas that are very different between Asia and Europe.

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