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Socialising your radio content: #RadioAsia

Monday 02 May, 2016

In a conference workshop titled Socialising Radio, international broadcast and management trainer Steve Ahern told Radio Asia delegates,“the 24 hour news cycle is now  about 24 minutes… everything is faster and more social, we must adapt to the new environment.”

The half day workshop showed participants how they can leverage the strengths of radio, such as immediacy and intimacy, in the new media landscape.

Public Service Broadcasting in China and Hong Kong #RadioAsia

Monday 02 May, 2016


In a Radio Asia conference session about Public Service Broadcasting, a range of speakers discussed the challenges and importance of public sector broadcasting.

New ways of radio storytelling #RadioAsia

Sunday 01 May, 2016

Picking up one of the Radio Asia conference themes, storytelling, Wolfram Tech, a trainer from BCI Group in Germany said, “in this new social media generation we need a new way of storytelling.”

He referred to the current generation as the HD generation, the Heads Down generation, where so many people are looking down at their smart phones.

“This generation of demanding, and always on the move. Friends and self realization are more important than money. This generation is impatient and obsessed with information.”

We need to be more imaginative: China National Radio’s Zhao Tieqi #RadioAsia

Sunday 01 May, 2016


Speaking at this year’s Radio Asia conference in Beijing, the Vice President of China National Radio Zhao Tieqi said the Chinese national broadcaster, like most broadcasters, has been “worried about the age of new media, there has been a lot of discussion about it.”

Asian and European Media cooperation at #Media2020 Conference Beijing

Thursday 28 April, 2016

The European and Asian media markets have some common features but many differences. 

The final session of the Media 2020 Conference held in Beijing brought together media experts from around the globe to talk about how Asian and European media companies can help each other.


Giacomo Ghisani, Acting Director General of Radio Vaticana, began the discussion by outlining 3 key areas that are very different between Asia and Europe.

Don't hire DJs hire storytellers: Barry Keohane at #RadioAsia

Wednesday 27 April, 2016

When everyone is on every platform and we are all using the latest technology and techniques, what will separate us?

Barry Keohane thinks that magic ingredient will be storytelling.

In a Radio Asia conference session titled Don't hire DJs, Hire Storytellers, Keohane advised conference delegates to put people on air who have stories to tell.

"It is even harder to engage with an audience now with so much media competition about, but great storytellers will help you do that," he said.

China National Radio's approach to news coverage: Hou Donghe #RadioAsia

Wednesday 27 April, 2016

“I will teach you six Chinese words that will help you make better radio news content.”

China National Radio’s Deputy Director of News Radio Hou Donghe gave Radio Asia conference delegates a lesson in how to speak Chinese in his presentation.

Several important Chinese words reflect how he has driven his network to success.

CNR News Radio is 76 years ago and has the largest coverage of any radio network in China, with 700 million loyal listeners.

“We have the most influential platform on radio in China,” he said.

Spend the time building and maintaining good local shows: Rhys Holleran at #RadioAsia

Tuesday 26 April, 2016

With radio audiences shifting from traditional listening to more listening on mobile devices, radio companies around the world are looking for ways to continue to engage the new audience while continuing to make money.  On RadioAsia’s second day, radio executives from around the world discussed “Radio on the Move”.

Former CEO of Southern Cross Austereo Australia, Rhys Holleran, began by breaking down how you approach the challenges based on whether you manage a single station, or one of the biggest in your region.

For single stations:

'The heart of Talk Radio' #RadioAsia

Tuesday 26 April, 2016

RadioAsia 2016 kicked off this morning with a workshop from Ben Williams, Director of Beyond Broadcasting UK on what he called “The Heart of Talk Radio” – The Interview.

“When you prepare for an interview, where do you start?” he asked the workshop audience made up mostly of Chinese local broadcasters.

Broadcast Radio remains a reliable and robust service: Joan Warner at #RadioAsia

Monday 25 April, 2016


Vice Chair of World DMB and Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner spoke about digital radio in the first session of this year’s Radio Asia Conference in Beijing.


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