Divergence and convergence of listening: smart speakers and the age of audio

Saturday 09 March, 2019

Steve Ahern's assessment of the continuing evolution of audio devices and consumption.

Who is Alexa and what is she doing in my son’s bedroom?

Sunday 26 March, 2017
Alexa, I don’t like that song, play me another one…

Change the station, I want to hear The Muttons

Voice control of audio devices is the next big thing in consumer technology.

It was a hot topic of discussion at RadioDays Europe this week, with one researcher noting that voice controlled speakers were the biggest selling audio item last Christmas in America.

“I was wondering who my son was talking to late at night in his bedroom… it turned out to be Alexa,” he said.

The Changing Media Business: Opportunities for Broadcasters #DBS2017

Saturday 11 March, 2017
In a DBS2017 session titled The Changing Media Business - Opportunities for Broadcasters, a range of viewpoints were presented on where the opportunities are.

Managing Director of Megahertz Ltd Jon Flay talked about the importance of systems integration in moving broadcast businesses forward.

'We have to compete with more attractive software industries to attract broadcast engineers'

Sunday 05 March, 2017


A top level summit of equipment manufacturers, trainers and broadcasters is taking place in Kuala Lumpur this weekend to tackle skills shortages in broadcast and media technology.

AM & DRM30: An Economical Way to Cover Large Areas

Thursday 22 October, 2015

In an article for the DRM Consortium, the president of JHBC Broadcast Consulting, Jochen Huber, discusses the advantages of using DRM for wide coverage transmissions.


Top Tips: Headphones

Saturday 04 April, 2015

Studio technologies:  electromechanical devices.

Four devices in a radio studio convert a mechanical effect into an electrical effect, so they can never be perfect.   These devices are

a) Microphones
b) Speakers
c) Pickup cartridges
d) Headphones

All of these have quirks and compromises that you need to understand in order to get the best results - unlike fully electronic devices, which have got about as good as they could get.

Top tips: Microphones

Saturday 04 April, 2015

What's with mics?

Microphones are one of the main items in any radio studio. The microphone was invented before transmitters, receivers or recorders... what were they thinking??  

Even if you have nothing else in the studio but a microphone, you can communicate to your listeners and generate compelling programs.   And of course there are some things you should know to ensure you get the best out of the microphones in your studio. 

So here we go with John's Twelve Top Tips and Terms of Mics.


One billion people will upgrade their smartphones this year

Friday 23 January, 2015

Deloitte’s Technology and Media Predictions report anticipates small improvements in smart phone battery life; increased consumer spending on media content; and the growth of short-form video, in its latest TMP publication.

The predictions in the annual survey are amongst more than a dozen trends Deliotte thinks will be important for media this year.

Here are the main points of interest to the radio industry:


Smart Phones and Batteries

One billion people will upgrade their smartphones in 2015, generating $300 billion in sales.

Interview: Kevin Leach, In:Quality - remote broadcasting

Saturday 23 November, 2013

For years, radio networks have relied on ISDN or phone lines for remote broadcasts or to interview guests in non-studio locations.

Recently, Skype has made interviews possible over broadband to a reasonable audio quality.

But now the UK-based In:Quality has designed a way to deliver outside broadcasts, live reports and interviews by real-time audio streaming through a web browser.

IP-DTL offers broadcast quality connections.

The founder recently won the Radio Academy Technical Innovation award at the annual UK Radio Festival.

'Musical Bingo' apps help grow non trad. revenue

Thursday 24 October, 2013

An Indian software company has been helping radio networks at home and in the Middle East to monetise their apps through contests.

Bangalore-based Punch Media created on air games around the classic Indian parlour game Tambola.

In Dubai, Gulf News-owned Radio 1 branded the contest the HitList, for a chance to share in 100,000 dirhams worth of cash prizes.


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