457 Visas used to bring dozens of people to work in Australian Radio

Saturday 22 April, 2017

An analysis of data supplied to AsiaRadioToday by Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection shows that about 70 people have moved to Australia to take up jobs in radio using 457 Visas, which have now been scrapped by the Australian Government (see our earlier report).

The number is small by comparison with the top categories of IT professionals and cooks, but gives a snapshot of radio industry immigration over the last decade.

NSW and Victoria were the states where most 457 foreign workers took up residence, followed by West Australia. They worked as radio announcers, radio journalists and program directors. There are other categories that also include radio, but we have excluded them from this analysis because they could also include foreign film crews, which could skew the data.

The 2010/11 financial year was the biggest year for radio industry skilled migration using 457 visas, with 13 people coming to work in Australian radio that year. Last financial year, and 2009 were the most lean years, with less than 5 people nationally using 457 Visas to get a job in Australian radio.

The entry category for radio announcers and journalists has now been closed off in the Visa rule changes implemented this week, although radio program directors are still eligible to remain using the new skilled work scheme. Their long term opportunities of staying in Australia however will be more limited than under the previous 457 Visa scheme.

The data table can be viewed below.

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