99.5 Rait FM creates PNG’s first parody video

Tuesday 11 April, 2017


Papua New Guinea’s commercial radio station 99.5 Rait FM has created the first ever Parody video that the country has seen, and it’s on its way to becoming a viral hit.

Local PNG recording artist ‘Tati Mangi PNG’ has caused a huge controversy in the country with the release of a music video and songs called #BOOTYLICIOUS.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube several weeks back and has divided the nation over the issue of ‘morals and values’ with the clip featuring PNG women in their bikinis dancing around a swimming pool and having fun.

The Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development; Delilah Gore declared the original clip to be banned from any TV broadcasts and it divided the nation with people seeing it as a modern PNG moving ahead, and half seeing it as in poor taste and disrespectful.

With so much hype and people talking about the clip, 99.5 Rait FM had the idea to create a parody of the original clip, have a laugh and poke some fun at the double standards by using only men doing the same thing as the original clip.

Featuring four of the male Announcers from Rait FM; including Loqie and Elton from the Rait FM Breakfast Show, the clip launched last Friday, April 7, and has got over 1200 shares, 600 comments and nearly 40,000 views in 4 days on Facebook.

Although the concept of a parody video is new to PNG, most people are seeing the humor in it, with the negative comments kept to a minimum.
The clip was also endorsed by the original creator; Tati, who even makes an appearance at the end of the clip.

99.5 Rait FM is a nationwide network, Programmed by former Eon Broadcasting PD - Ryan Khay.
In the last 18 months the station has become the fastest growing Radio Stations in PNG, and is dominating the airways, and Social Media with over 85,000 fans and the nearest competitor who has had their pages for years at just over 20,000.

Here is the original clip from Tati Mangi: 

And here is the Rait FM parody version:


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