Interview: Dannie Farmer, Wave 89.1FM, Philippines

Thursday 06 June, 2019
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Dannie Farmer, Program Director / Radio DJ, Wave 89.1FM, Philippines, shares his insights about what goes on behind the doors of a radio station in an interview with Telum Media, republished here with permission. He also breaks down his roles as Program Director and Radio DJ at the 24-hour rhythmic contemporary radio station; and looks back at how the radio industry has changed over the years.

Can you tell us more about Wave FM and how it's different from other radio stations in the Philippines? 
Wave 89.1 is the only urban music station in the country. We play pure hip-hop and R&B, and we are known to be one of the most influential radio stations in the country. We push the culture and have a very loyal fan base. 

How has the radio industry changed since you first started as a Radio DJ?
A lot has changed even with just the hip hop genre itself. Melodic and emo rap is the trend now, and we try to keep that balance of playing boom bap with the new trends. Other than that, online streaming plays a huge role in how we approach our programs in terms of enticing segments, the way we plan out our playlists, etc.
With the coming of the digital age, how does Wave FM ensure relevancy in the changing times?
We actually are very connected to our digital audience. We have our own Spotify playlist which mirrors what our DJs play on their shows. We also have our own interactive website, we post online polls for our nightly countdown, and we post news, activities, movie premieres, events, headlines, artists facts, etc. on all of our social media platforms.

As WaveFM's Program Director, what does your role entail?
As Program Director, I am in charge of the playlist. I follow Billboard, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and other online charts locally and internationally. They give me an idea of what is hot out there. I also spend time researching online trends and songs they use in viral videos, what I hear in clubs and events, and I follow various online forums with their own charts, which consists of DJ's opinions around the globe. Labels also send me new music directly each week for me to review and decide if I will add them into the Wave playlist.

I also am in charge of monitoring all DJs and their programmes to make sure they follow protocol (playlist, time checks, sponsorships, commercial logs, tardiness, absences, etc.) It's my responsibility to make sure the station runs smoothly each day.

What are your top tips for PRs looking to reach out to your station?
I would say, know that our listeners are loyal and are heavily influenced by Wave's way of working. Hip-hop is a genre that has crossed over into a culture. We don't just play music, we are a way of life. Our audience is impacted by what we do, say and play. 

Any advice for those looking to break into the radio industry?
Love the music you play, research it. Don't just press play, know the stories of the artists. Learn the words, feel the energy. It connects you with your audience and gives you a deeper appreciation for what you do. Also, make sure you love to talk!

If you could have anyone guest at all on your programme Hustle & Grind, who would it be and why?
My dream interviews would be:
- Eminem, my second favourite rapper ever after 2pac. In my opinion, the greatest technically skilled rapper ever - such a deep artist.
- Usher. He influenced me growing up in the R&B genre. He is amazing in every aspect.
- Justin Timberlake. This man pushes boundaries and set the trend in the early 2000s on how R&B and pop were made. He changed the game.


Interview courtesy Telum Media. ​

Telum Media is a Singapore, Hong Kong & Sydney registered company founded in 2013 by former PR & journalism professionals who saw the need for a comprehensive media database in Asia. 

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