Iran’s 14th International Radio Festival announced

Sunday 24 February, 2019


The 14th International Radio Festival will be held along with the 6th World Audio Summit of Iran, on March 30 in Tehran.

This year's festival consists of four main sections: continuous, domestic, folk and cyberspace.

Hamid Reza Eftekhari, secretary of the popular section of the Judging Committee of the Fourteenth International Radio Festival and the Sixth World Audio Summit on the Popular Radio Section, said: “The festival's policy council decided this year to have this section that is an integral part of the program, and audiences interested in radio can work their works. Which are presented in four sections: podcast, report, music and creative works.”

Gholamreza Ba'azat, Executive Secretary of the 6th Global Audio Summit, said: "Radio in the era of network, radio and culture, radio and society, and radio and economics are the focal points of this year's summit. We have six workshops held by media and university professors. There are also 6 panels.”

Mehdi Shamloo Shamlo, head of the cybercultural committee of the 14th International Radio Festival and the 6th World Audio Summit, said: "In the new media, a discourse was that traditional radio media would be out of the competition, but today it shows that the field of sound is effective." It appears in different forms. There are 600 radio programs in cyberspace in the festival. We tried to create a competitive first, we measured the type of presence and success, and then we will be at the observation stage. Consider the successful presence with the number of programs, quality, duration of the program, success in the amount of the publication, attractive content, the acquisition of the listener and the level of interaction of the audience.

Nilufar Zandian, Director of the Radio Culture, said: "This radio conference can play a significant role in advancing goals. Obviously, the goals of this great event and their fundamental review can play a very important role in promoting programming.  This event will also enable programmers to use global doctrines to test developers and participants to determine to what extent their programming standards are consistent with the characteristics of the ABU.”

Country Iran
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