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Monday 02 May, 2016


In a Radio Asia conference session about Public Service Broadcasting, a range of speakers discussed the challenges and importance of public sector broadcasting.

Vice President of China Radio International Tian Yuhong said there is "fierce competition" for audiences in this new media environment.

Public Service broadcaster China Radio International is 75 years old this year. “It promotes understanding in the Chinese people and promotes peace. We are trying to build ourselves into a modern broadcaster,” said Tian.

“Through convergence we have tried to form our own network’s personality. We are trying to build strong influential brands for our service.”



Another public service broadcaster, RTHK Hong Kong, has been developing digital broadcasting on DAB since 2011, and has a mobile app and online services.

Echo Wai (pictured above), Head of Digital Audio Broadcasting at national broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong, asked, “how can the audience be really involved with radio production?”

This is one of the new questions being tackled by RTHK, which has found a good solution that replicates the community broadcasting model in other countries and asks the question, how can we better engage the audience?

RTHK has developed a way of involving the community in the broadcasting service with a new digital radio channel service called CIBS

Groups which are authorised to make programs for CIBS can chose their own themes. For example, a group of professional pilots talks about major aviation accidents and a group of pet lovers produce a program about owning and looking after pets. There are also DIY programs for handymen and house owners.

There is an emphasis on social inclusion, for instance, deaf people are being heard in a program called The world of Silence, where hearing-impaired people tell their stories. A show called Direction, gives a voice to physically handicapped people to discuss their problems and there is a program for ethnic minorities, all on DAB Channel 31.

In 2009 the government tasked RTHK to provide this platform for the community on DAB. The government provided funding for groups or individuals interested in producing shows for CIBS, with programs aired from 8-10pm every evening.

“The new initiative had a great response,” according to Wai, with 708 applications received and over 200 programs aired.

Program teams were given tips and training before going to air, and RTHK visited their own home studios to ensure that the quality was good, but otherwise, the program making groups are free to cover topics that affect them.


All India Radio was also discussed in this session. See the full report here.

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