Shock Middle East launches two ads per commercial break

Monday 04 February, 2019


The UAE's Shock Middle East (SME) radio network has announced that it will air no more than two ads per commercial break before returning to music and content.

SME operates three stations - Radio Hala 95.6 FM, Dance 97.8 FM  and Heart 107.1 FM.

The initiative was formulated by SME in partnership with IPSOS after concluding a behavioural research survey of radio listenership in the UAE.

The key findings showed that 76% of respondents listen to radio in the car, 96% of respondents do not want to hear more than 5 ads in one commercial break and 71% of the respondents switched from one station to another because of long commercial breaks.

The research also concluded that long commercial breaks are considered the primary reason listeners to switch from one radio station to another.

Cameron Plant, Group Managing Director, comments:  "We really care about our listeners and what they want to hear - which is why we conducted this research in the first place. The initiative is designed to help our clients - and ultimately, here at SME we're offering a clutter free environment which very few networks can do. Our promise is simple, give listeners what they want, less ads, more music, more content and provide clients with an environment where they receive maximum brand recall and exposure.”

Raed Zidan, Owner of Shock Middle East, adds: "Two ads in row provides a unique proposition for our listeners and business partners."

United Arab Emirates
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