Smarter social posting for network stations with Sqwarkr

Monday 10 April, 2017

Sqwarkr is a brand new social media tool that can help networks with a large number of stations cut down their social media scheduling time by almost 90 percent.

Currently being used by more than 180 stations in the UK, it lets you post tailored, account specific content across all your social media with one click. All of your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be posted to in one go through its ‘Variables’ feature.

You can also populate local information on each account. Localise your posts specifically to each account, rather than bulk messaging the same message to all accounts.

With the ‘Drafts’ feature, you can plan your social timeline ahead of time and if you need to quickly edit the text, or even add in a photo, you don’t need to start the post all over again. Previously, this would have been a copy and paste job from a Word document.

You can also schedule posts and prevent clashes. Set a time for your content to be posted whilst being made aware of upcoming and recent content.

You can grant users access to as many social networks as you need through the platform, so passwords are kept safe.

Another feature quickly collates analytics so you can show clients (or bosses) the combined reach, likes, comments and shares from your accounts' posts to see which is your best performing content.

One of the users, the Bauer City Network cut down their social media scheduling time from 37 hours to 3 hours per week.

Originally, they were having to post 17 separate tweets and Facebook posts to make sure each of their 17 local stations directed followers to their own website.

But with Sqwarkr, now all they have to do is pop the variable in along with the URL just once, meaning that more time can be spent creating and sourcing great content.

Sqwarkr also helps out with responding to followers by pulling all comments back into one simple feed that allows you to reply with the correct local account.

To try Sqwarkr in your network, sign up here to use it for free.

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