Smartphone course for smart Vietnamese broadcasters

Wednesday 20 April, 2016

“Anyone can be a video journalist these days, because of smart phones,” said VTV reporter Fan, at a course in Hanoi.

A group of Vietnam Television reporters today learnt about the new tools of reporting.

“Am I about to lose my job?” asked one course participant, but she was assured that jobs are safe, although journalists must now learn the latest skills to stay up to date in their job.

“I learnt that I can have my own channel and my own audience, but so can everyone else,” said course participant Thuy.

“I now know many useful apps that can help me to shoot video and audio on my smartphone,” course participant Bich said.

According to course leader Steve Ahern, “these students from VTV are so smart that they have mastered the basics after day one of the course. I wonder what I can teach them tomorrow!”

Participant Minh Hang said “the media landscape is changing so quickly that we must keep up with the latest developments.”

This report was written by the course participants, who called themselves 'smart students' now that they know how to use smartphones in reporting.

The course concluded with all the reports in this production made entirely on smartphones.


Country Vietnam
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