Working with new media platforms can help broadcasters monetise new audiences #AsiaMediaSummit2019

Thursday 13 June, 2019


In a session hosted by Poonam Sharma from Media Guru at AMS2019, a mixed panel of broadcasters and new media companies discussed ideas for monetisation in the digital media environment.

Google’s APAC sales head Parvathi Menon told delegates that traditional broadcasters and new media companies such as Google can work together to give their advertisers a range of options, which mix traditional advertising approaches with lower cost targeted online advertising.

“As a company we have invested a lot in helping content owners identify their content so that we can either take videos down if there is a copyright violation or allow the creators to monestise them.”

Discussing a success story case study, Menon told delegates about One India, which publishes content in South Asian languages. “Over time they have built their audience in India and are now monetising it very well. If you engage your audience, find a niche and post content regularly, like One India, you can make money on our platforms,” she said.


Expanding the theme of monetisation between traditional and new media, Seelan Paul from Prime Media network in Malaysia said his company is noticing growth of online retail sales and is combining radio campaigns with online sales portals with good success. The company’s tv channels have found great benefits in using Youtube.

“Youtube is not killing our traditional tv audience, what we noticed when we posted content on youtube was that our traditional ratings went up. They realised that this is really good content, so they wanted more of it from our broadcast channel. Currently our TV3 channel has the highest viewership in Malaysia.”

Leang Delux the CEO of Thmey Online Cambodia urged broadcasters to go beyond facebook to catch audiences and to chase trending topics actively to spread their content when related stories are trending.

Wei Xing from CCTV China  talked about the importance of maximising traffic so that you can monetise your content.

China Media group, the newly restructured national media group which comprises of the tv channel CCTV, the radio channels CRN and CRI, and also the online portal CGTN, has increased its audience by more than 50%. With increased traffic, the groups ‘omni-channel’ strategy has been successful  in connecting consumers with programming and advertisers.



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