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Peter Saxon – Editor, radioinfo  

Peter Saxon started his career in 1972 as an announcer in regional radio (2XL and 2KA) before moving into sales. 

In 1978, at the age of 26, he was appointed sales manager (and later marketing manager) of the then fledgling 2WS.

Having spent all his early working years in radio, Saxon joined the giant transport group, TNT, in 1981 to "experience marketing in the real world", as National Advertising and Sales Promotion Manager.

By 1984, 2WS had grown into a network of stations and related broadcast companies under the banner of Wesgo and was about to go public. Saxon re-joined Wesgo as General Manager of its program syndication arm, Radiowise, building it almost from scratch. 

In 1990, in partnership with Peter Rubinstein, bought Radiowise from Wesgo and together they developed it into one of the most respected program distributors and communications consultancies in the industry with a broad range of commercial and Government clients.

It also owned the radio industry news website radioinfo.

Saxon split from Radiowise in 2007, taking radioinfo with him while Radiowise has been renamed, Mediaheads. 

He has now partnered with the original founder of radioinfo, Steve Ahern as joint owner/editor.  

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